Public Stained Glass in Bolton, Warrington, Wigan and St Helens

Stained glass windows form an integral part of the charm, decor and historic character of religious and public buildings. Unfortunately, historic buildings are susceptible to wear and decay and windows are among the most vulnerable features.

When it comes to restoration or repair for the windows of older buildings, it's important to choose a specialist that has the necessary skills and technical knowledge to do the project justice.

In some instances, repair is not feasible, however we can faithfully recreate the original design. With proper care, the new windows can last for up to 100 years. The aim here is to create a seamless, natural looking replica that reflects the spirit of the original work.

We have been entrusted with stained glass restoration for a number of prominent religious and public buildings including Carmel Monastery, Liverpool; Oswestry School, Shropshire and Lombards Bar, Southport (for Whitbread Brewery).

We were pleased to receive very positive responses from these clients once the work was finished.

Examples of this work can be seen on our Gallery page.